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Home Insurance Game


Choose Your TDI Guide

Choose Your TDI Guide
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Choose Your Texas Town

Choose Your Texas Town
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Choose Your House

Choose Your House
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Choose Your Coverage


My Homeowners Policy

Your Insurance Company, Austin, Texas

Policy Number: 12345-67-89       Policy Period: 09-19-2021 to 09-19-2022

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Annual Premium: $1,500
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Day Counter
Each pull of the play button counts as one day. Can you make it through the month without losing all your money?
These buttons represent different life events that can happen to you any given day. Some are informational while others effect your bank account.
Play/Stop Button
Pull this string to begin randomizing the scenarios. Stop to see what you land on.
Bank Account
Each player starts with $8,000. Scenarios will increase or decrease your bank account depending on how much or how little coverage you have chosen.
Annual Premium
Your estimated yearly insurance premium cost depending on your choice of town, house and coverage.
TDI Guide
Your friendly Texas Department of Insurance guide is here to help and guide you along the way.

Game Over

You made it to Day 0 and lost $0.00.

Play the game again with more coverages and higher coverage amounts. Your monthly premium might increase, but your overall cost will likely be less than if you didn't have adequate insurance and had to pay the cost of repairs and replacements yourself.

Play Again?


Congratulations! You made it through the month with $0.00 in the bank and enough insurance coverage to pay for damages to your house and personal property.

Play the game again with different coverage amounts to see how far you can make it.

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